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Behind Orgaunic


Our story...

At Orgaunics, we believe ingredients matter & that is why we are extremely careful about how we formulate our products. Every product that we curate is completely free of any chemicals & toxins. We as a clean beauty company stand against the use of parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, additives & silicones.

By being conscious of what goes into our formulation, we ensure that each of our products makes your skin & hair plump up with joy when it reaches you. Integrity as a value is at the forefront of our brand. We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to animal testing and cruelty. All our products are cruelty-free and do not contain animal-derived ingredients. We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering clean ayurvedic products at your doorstep.

By upholding our cruelty-free standards, we are doing our part to change the world and industry for the better. We do not compromise when it comes to the environment.

We believe that it is our collective responsibility to safeguard the environment and tend to its needs. Don’t judge your body or beauty based on the beauty standards defined by society, make them fit the image of you and what you find beautiful!

Being the best version of ourselves has a distinct beauty within, ultimately we may not be perfect, but our self care routines can be. Begin your Ayurvedic self care journey with Orgaunic to find the beauty & confidence within.

A tribute to our ancestors & ancient Indian medicine, for a better tomorrow. Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle!

Naturally Simple

अभ्यङ्गमाचरेन्नित्यं स जरा-श्रम-वातहा। दृष्टि-प्रसाद-पुष्ट्यायुः स्वप्नसुत्वक्त्वदार्ढ्यकृत्॥

||आयुर्वेद ||   
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अभ्यंग means applying oil in अनुलोम गति  (direction of our hair) all over the body. Doing Abhyanga every day will reduce premature aging or keep one young, reduce tiredness, pacifies Vata, dosha, brings clarity to the eyes, nourishes the body, facilitates sound sleep, and makes one's skin healthy. It's good to apply oil to the whole body, but if it is not possible, one should apply it to the face, scalp, ears, and feet.

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