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Why Should You Use Hibiscus Oil for Your Hair?

We are always charmed by a fully bloomed hibiscus flower, adding colour and elegance to the garden. But did you know that in addition to be an aesthetic addition to your terrace garden, hibiscus can be a part of your hair care regime as well?

In Ayurveda, the hibiscus flower is great for strengthening the hair and works wonders for those suffering from hair fall and damage.

In this blog, we will be going over the many benefits of the hibiscus oil and why it should be a part of your weekly hair care routine.

How is Hibiscus Good for My Hair?

As per the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda, for a healthy body, there should be an equal balance between the three energies, namely - the Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata manages the movement in the body which in terms of hair care results in the growth (or not of the hair). On the other hand, Pitta affects the body’s metabolic activity which when in excess may damage the hair roots. Kapha is responsible for strength and structure of the body which when in right proportions, makes the hair voluminous.

So where does hibiscus come into this?

The elegant flower is naturally built to pacify the Pitta doshas and revitalise unhealthy hair and its stunted growth, It can also jumpstart the follicles and promote hair growth which might have been a challenge earlier.

What are the Benefits of Adding Hibiscus to Your Hair Care Routine?

While we had an overview on what hibiscus can do for your hair, let us dive into its each benefit and how it can lead to strong, voluminous and lustrous hair.

Strengthens Hair Roots

Hibiscus flowers and roots are enriched in amino acids and flavonoids that help improve blood circulation to the hair follicles and stimulate healthy growth. Additionally, amino acids boost keratin production in hair to promote growth and lustre.

Deep Conditioning

If you crush a hibiscus flower or stem, you are most likely to observe a slimy exterior. This is known as mucilage. Hibiscus flowers have a high content of mucilage - a gelatinous solution from plant roots or other parts that locks in the moisture and deeply conditions your hair naturally.

If your regular shampoo is stripping your hair off its natural oils or the pollution outside has made your hair dry and brittle, a little coating of the hibiscus oil and its magical mucilage will get your hair back to its former soft and voluminous glory.

Negates Premature Greying

Before the inception of the hair dye, hibiscus was often used as a dye to cover the greys. Hibiscus is especially rich in antioxidants and vitamins that promote the production of melanin, a naturally occurring pigment that stimulates the hair cells to produce their natural colour. Regular application of hibiscus oil prevents the harmful impacts of chemical laced hair colours and adds an extra layer of softness while keeping your natural hair colour intact.

Prevents Dandruff Build Up

Did you know that dandruff is produced by Malassezia, a fungus that thrives on the scalp and feeds on the oils secreted by hair follicles. The real culprit is the excessive oil secretion and this too can be managed by the humble hibiscus!

While hibiscus is rich in mucilage, it also acts as an astringent and tackles the excessive oil secretion by the glands on your scalp. It also balances the pH in and around your follicles, offering a cooling and soothing effect that promotes healthy hair growth.

How to Apply Your Hibiscus Hair Oil

While it is very easy to simply dab the oil and call it a process completed - applying hair oil to your scalp is a process that when done right offers greater results. This is especially true when you apply your hibiscus oil as it is not only adding moisture to your hair, but also stimulating your hair follicles to promote growth, keeping greys at bay and reducing its chances to tackle the task of dandruff.

  1. Pour some Orgaunic’s Hibiscus hair oil in a small katori

  2. Heat it up just a bit so that it is warm to touch and not scalding - overheating may lead to the oil losing all the goodness.

  3. Add partitions to your hair and with your finger tips, gently coat those areas with the hair oil. Ensure a generous application.

  4. Once your scalp is covered with the moisturising goodness, coat your hair tips as well.

  5. Massage the oil into your scalp for good 15 minutes - ensuring that it has seeped into roots.

  6. Wait for an hour max and wash it off with our gentle cleanser.

Let your hair care time be your me time and do not rush the process.

Allow the natural goodness of the hibiscus flower to restore your crowning glory with Orgaunic.

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